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History of the poles in Karelia

History of the poles in Karelia

Polish deportation is connected with questions of national liberation movements, so, it is one of the most important factors is determining the nature of Russian-Polish relations. Studying the experience of interethnic relations is especially important for the development and operation of the national policy in the Russian Federation today. The purpose of out research is to analyze the formation and development of the Polish community in Karelia.

In Karelia, the first Poles appeared after 1831, but mass deportations began after the rebellion of 1863, when in Olonets province the large group of members of the national liberation movement was under police supervision. According to Nicholai Kutkov's research more than 300 exiles lived in Petrozavodsk. The main contingent of exiles was nobles, officials, engineers, officers of the Polish Army.

Today records of Polish exiles are kept in the National Archives of Karelia. Since using archival documents has an official character, their integrity and objectivity are not in doubt. At the same time, for a more detailed study of this issue it is necessary to attract Polish official sources, also exiles letters, memories.

In their petitions Poles noted severe climatic conditions, lack of medical care, inability to support themselves financially. Many of them, such as the painter Edward Pavlovich and nobleman Evgeny Yasyukivech left Karelia as soon as the opportunity came.

In this way the life of Polish exiles in Karelia was very hard. They suffered from different deprivations and were limited in their rights. Despite that, many of them wound up family and stayed here for permanent residence. Thus, the deportation was a strong factor in the appearance of the Polish diaspora in Karelia.

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History of the poles in Karelia

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