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Тactico-psychological training of a tennis player

Тactico-psychological training of a tennis player

Psychological aspects of playing activity are very important for improvement of tactical coaching of tennis players.

We consider tactical coaching of a tennis player as a combination of all impacts on her or his technical and mental abilities based on interrelationship of her or his mental and physical conditions, motor habits and cognitive skills, special mental characteristics.

In the current context a tennis player have to operate in extreme conditions of intense rivalry. The success in such a competitive struggle depends on well developed technical skills, good physical and mental readiness and also ability to fulfill one‘s potential during training session and, especially, during a match or series of matches.

There is therefore an increasing need to improve the system of evaluation of players` activities in different moments of a match, especially in the context of increased stress. It is also increasingly important to elaborate practical guidelines for improvement of players` training efficiency.

The relevant information can be obtained while evaluating players` technical and tactical movements, their mental manifestations in the context of an intense match and comparison of the obtained data with the relevant characteristics of the leading tennis players.

The analysis of a player‘s efficiency considering the stress level of a match is carried out on the basis of a special record which traces player‘s efficiency depending on the score.

Thus, the analysis of player‘s activities in the context of increased stress allows better understanding and exploring her or his personal features, specific conditions, stability and shots` performance, i.e. the level of her or his technical, tactical and mental readiness, dynamics of performance indicators in different moments of a match.
Comparison of the obtained data with psychological test findings allows differentiating training and competitive technical and tactical coaching, and also give an opportunity for better exercising a player‘s personality.

Igor Andreev

Тactico-psychological training of a tennis player

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