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Innovation in the sphere of services

Innovation in the sphere of services

The theme of the report is innovation in the sphere of services. In our time, this issue is particularly relevant and important because all human activities are connected with services. Any person consuming products and services eventually needs new products. The aim is to study the dependence of innovation and the emergence of new goods and services connected with innovative achievements. Goals include studying innovation characteristics, selection of research methods in the service sector, according to the growth of goods and services.

Firstly, various statistics and graphs were examined, and then innovation and technologies in Russia over the past few years were analyzed. Besides, I read interviews with executives of companies involved in the development of innovative technologies. In the end, the schedules based on the data were made, and it became possible to reveal the dependence of new products and services growth from the introduction of innovative technologies. According to the data, innovation in services has led to the emergence of new products and services. Quite a lot of companies are engaged in the development of new technologies. For example, there are polymer and other materials that companies use to create new sports equipment, new packaging. It promotes the development of water tourism, trekking and other types of tourism.

In general, innovation in the sphere of services is aimed at the improvement of transport, accommodation and other services, development of new markets, the introduction of advanced information and communication technologies and modern forms of management and organizational activities. St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum IV considered the introduction of such innovation as the creation and optimization of the official tourism portal of the city, new technology to create a comfortable tourist environment, «Radio Guide». The report includes the graphs based on this information.

Improving the quality of goods and services in Russia.

Thus, if we study the graphs, we will see a marked improvement in the quality of services due to innovative technologies in the development of products and services. For example, from 2006 to 2011 there was 10% im¬provement in the quality of the goods (from 29,2% to 39,2%). Also, since 2008 (economic crisis) to 2011 with the advent of new technology, assortment of goods expanded by 7,5% (from 31 to 38.5%).

To sum up, innovation affects the quality, diversification and growth of new products and services in the sphere of service. Our country really needs innovation. Russia has to develop tourism, service, to attract more people. In view of this it is necessary to create new things, high level technologies help Russia to be in step with the West.

Н. В. Гурстиева

Innovation in the sphere of services

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